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Factors to Consider when Writing Author Bio Examples
over 1 year ago


As an author, writing about your bio maybe something very uncomfortable. Most authors shy off when faced by such a task. Shying off should not be so as it is what builds on your credibility as an author. The author bio section usually has a great impact on the author's reputation, the kind of sales the book will have and the media that the book is likely to receive.


In most cases, the author bio section is usually more important than the content in the book. Most people are generally busy, and when they want to know more about your book, they will always take a snippet from the author bio section. Brief checking mostly implies when it is business related. That is if the author is interested in working for a certain print company. Your author bio section saves you a great deal if put in the right manner. For the best author bio writing tips, visit website or go here for more examples.


The author bio section should be short and to the point. It should not be too wordy as the reader may tend to get bored. Moreover, if your author bio section is too wordy, it may contain some irrelevant things. It is therefore important that you stick to the main agenda in part and this will save you when it comes to the wording. Try as much as possible to keep the word count below 250 words.


In the author bio section, it is important to mention some of your relevant credentials. It is wise to state your professional background and educational background. If you're currently a professor, tell your readers about that. Assuming the book is talking about ways of maintaining your diet and you have a degree in food and nutrition ensure you mention it in your author bio section. Mentioning this fact is relevant to the topic of discussion and readers tend to have confidence in you more. When you mention such stuff, it helps in building your credibility.


It is of great importance that you mention some of your past achievements. If by any chance you have won some awards, be sure to mention them. If you have worked in the past with some well-known author, drop their names in your bio author section. Your reputation is developed by the mention of these accomplishments. Readers get more interested in your book when they read about the many achievements that you have made in your life. That implies that your readers are not left behind in regards to success. Remember not to get carried away when talking about your progress. When some limit is crossed, it seizes to be an accomplishment story to a brag story. Most readers are usually put off when they notice that you are bragging in your author bio section. The above factors will be necessary when you consider writing author bio examples. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/22/writing-bio-_n_4644142.html.

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